Dive Charters on the Steel Slinger run scuba divers daily to area shipwrecks and artificial reefs.

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For scuba divers we have several types of dive charters available based on certification levels in area waters off Panama City Beach.

Openwater level dive charters

Standard or Inshore trips to wrecks and bridge spans in 50-75′. These dive charters go to our most popular shipwrecks, The Black Bart, USS Strength, and the Red Sea as well as a nearby “metal span” section from the old Hathaway Bridge. Night dives are also conducted on one of these sites with a twilight dive then a proper night time dive on the same site. These trips take 4 hours dock to dock and cost $99 (without rental gear).

Advanced/Adventure level Divers

Offshore Dive Charters are 5 hour charters to deeper shipwrecks and bridge spans in 70-110′ these include the Accokeek, Chippewa, BJ Putnam, Stage 1, Twin Tugs, El Dorado Stage 1 and Mac’s Reef as well as Metal Spans from the DuPont and Hathaway Bridges. Some Three tank trips are available that go to wrecks like the Empire Mica or the Gray Ghost which are much further away. $109 Standard, 3 tank $150, Deep Stim Shipwreck (ideal for learning technical diving) $200, and the Empire Mica $250.

Spearfishing if you want to catch your own dinner and have no problem doing multiple 100′ dives these rare trips may be for you. The Steel Slinger has Federal Reef Fish permits so we are the only dive boat that can legally hunt in Federal waters in Panama City Beach. We take the rules and ethics seriously and consider ourselves custodians of the marine resource. So sign up for these special trips only if your ethos matches ours and you have the scuba skills to handle the live-boating and demands of spearfishing. We’re happy to assist always but the elevated risks associated with spearing means this is not a trip for the inexperienced diver. Spearing trip is a whole boat charter like most fishing charters. This way the person booking the boat can make sure they have the people with them that matches their skill set and interests, for safety concerns the boat is always limited to the abilities of the least trained onboard.

Custom private charters

We offer custom trips to families and smaller groups that want to do their own thing. Pricing is based on time away from the dock and fuel burn. Dolphin watching, a trip to shell island, snorkeling and of course scuba diving are all possibilities on one of these charters. You tell us!

Rental Gear is available for pick up from from our affiliated Dive Shop –Panama City Diving. We will bring any reserved tanks to the boat for you.